March 30, 2010

IPL makes it clear Old is Gold

The Indian Premier League, the cricket bonanza of indian subcontinent is making it veryu clear that old is always gold. Take the performance in batting and bowling section and see the top leaders are none other than our own veterans like kallis and Murlidharan. even our own Sachin, Sehwag are also not far behind, who can afford to forget oldies like warne and Gilcrist.
this shows that oldies are still close to basics of the game and newcomers need to take hint from it.
people say age takes the toll but Sachin and Jaysurya has proved otherwise. So where is the key to consistent performance - simple follw the basics.
I wish all the newcomers to be away from glamour side of the game during initial days and follow a rule to use it moderately for their earnings off the cricket field.

Power always makes thing Perfect

There is saying in Hindu epic Ramayana- "Samrath kou nahi dosh gosain" - meaning powerful is above misdeed. Probably these words are getting support by numerous examples we read or see around us.
there are filmi heroes,worshipped like god and godesses flaunting social rules at a drop of a hat, they dont bother to recognise that their acts are looked upon and folllowed by their fans without a second thought. These film star promise to marry one someday and change partners without a blink and still pose as they are right in thier deeds in the name of freedon to live thier life as per thier wish.
Same goes with politicians when they talk of justice and fairness when they are opposing something but the moment thier own misdeeds are questions they become ignorant and unavailable for clarification.
why we allow these hypocracy around us ? are we hypocrates ourselves ?

March 28, 2010

Indian population not for Political Parties

Indian masses are fighting tooth and nail to save tax while negotiating inflation and poor economic results. But its a matter of surprise that all leading political parties of india are paying income tax in three digits. Be it Congress, BJP, BSP or SP.
The value of these parties has gone up by many folds since 2002.

I just wish income statement of ordinary indian also grows with similar pace.

October 3, 2009

Secularism – the common Verbal fashion of every Indian

In India, secularism appears to be a topic for getting media bytes. Everybody seems to be master of this word as long as verbal efforts are required. Nobody seems to understand the meaning or keen enough to practice it.

Secularism does not mean to being above hindu or muslim sect, it is beyond being Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, Jain or any other faith or believes. Secularism asks you to be human first, religion comes second.

We hear politician discussing Secularism of Gnadhi, Nehru, Jinnah, Patel etc etc….. and love to pass statements after statements just to be in lime light and misguide the still 50% uneducated public to gain some silly but important political benefits.

Why there are news of Stone Pelting on the procession of Godess Durga in some cities like Gorakhpur, Bahraich, Basti etc of Uttar Pradesh during festival season of Dussera and Durga Puja ? Why these so called literate politicians and leaders are not urging people to behave properly and respect others’ religion.

Why Secularism get only lip service, why we don’t adopt it in letter and spirit ?

September 24, 2009

Fatal Attraction of Inducing Consumption

The recent advertisement of a leading Tea Brand in India to make people aware of their voting right and the need to set accountability of Public Servant, minister, politician was much appreciated by all and sundry.

The second phase of ad campaign asked people to stop paying bribes and very cleverly asked consumers to offer Tea as a DRINK instead of money etc in form of bribe. It was a good pun on the current social norms of getting work done by others.

BUT the third leg of that campaign says to offer A particular Brand of BHUJIA along with promoted Brand of Tea. I feel the beauty of Campaign created by earlier two campaigns is lost as marketer could not get away from the FATAL ATTARCTION OF INDUCING CONSUMPTION in his campaign and to me the beauty and pun of the campaign set earlier got evaporated with current campaign.

Please, Don’t waste the soul of a very effective and lasting Brand recall campaign by getting attracted to small benefits of promoting products.